Month: December 2019

Reputable provider for Credit bureau-free loans.

Offers for Credit bureau-free loans are aimed at people who have forfeited at least one negative entry in the German credit protection system. Depending on the severity of the entry and the lending guidelines of the financial institutions, you will only receive a loan under difficult conditions or not at all. When promoting Credit bureau-free Read More

Small credit without Credit Bureau

A small loan without Credit Bureau is possible, but is usually associated with an additional guarantor, which must guarantee the debt of the borrower. Foreign banks, preferably the Swiss banks, often also offer Credit Bureau-free loans that can be processed entirely without a guarantee. How much is small loan? Here, however, a regular income of Read More

Serious loans despite negative Credit bureau.

The supply of credit has increased steadily in recent years. In addition to the large banks and savings banks with a fixed branch system, more and more online banks are now offering high-performance credit products on the Internet at attractive conditions. In particular, the offers of the numerous online banks are hard to beat in Read More

Credit for furniture – Finance your facility

A furniture loan is still a popular financing option today, and not just for your first home. Even after the construction of the first house or after the purchase of further real estate for a second or third place of residence, financing the facility with a loan for furniture can be useful. Credit for furniture Read More

Loan for pensioners from 70

Even at the age of seventy, pensioners need loans for purchases or for unexpected expenses. Banks licensed in Germany or another EU country generally do not specify a maximum age for lending, since such a measure would be considered age discrimination. For this reason, banks state an insufficient credit rating instead of age as the Read More